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Brigid Titgemeier, MS, RDN, LD

Welcome to BeingBrigid--my functional nutrition hub! I'm Brigid, a Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a food first philosophy to treating and preventing chronic disease. I started my career as a Founding Dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and have since transitioned to building a functional nutrition consulting business. I use this site to express evidence-based nutrition recommendations and resources plus nutrient-dense, gluten-free recipes!

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  • When you live in a society of people addicted to being busy and disconnected, it can be extra hard to save more time for rest and relaxation and dive into your stressors. But it's one of the best things that you can do because high levels of perceived stress that go unaddressed are one of the primary causes of adrenal dysfunction or HPA Axis Dysfunction (sometimes referred to as adrenal fatigue). .

In a healthy adrenal state, this is what you would see- a ‘normal’ cortisol curve. Cortisol levels are supposed to be highest in the morning, helping you feel alert and then they curve off as the day goes on. When you are constantly stressed (which 75% of you reported last week in my IG poll), it can lead to elevations in cortisol and fluctuations throughout the day. For instance, if you are stressed all day long and then you can’t sleep throughout the night, your cortisol levels could be elevated in the evening. .

Learn more about your adrenals, common symptoms of adrenal dysfunction and the best tips for supporting your adrenal health. This latest article is one that I promised you all two months ago and it’s finally up on This one is extra personal for me as many of the recommendations that I discuss are things that I’m still working on incorporating into my own life! If you struggle with finding balance, overcommitting, overtraining then this one is for you! Let me know what you think! 
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  • The week after halloween seems like the perfect time to be talking about all things blood sugar and carbs. Carbohydrates come in many different forms: think natural sources like veggies and fruits as the best staples, other options like grains and beans, and more refined/processed carbs like cookies, white pasta, popsicles, donuts, etc. Loading up your fork with high carbohydrate foods at all meals leads to high blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, weight gain and inflammation for basically everyone. .

High carb diets directly increase blood sugar levels and lead to insulin resistance. Insulin leads to weight gain, we're talking that tire around your mid-section through lipogenesis aka fat storage and the storage of glycogen. Insulin is a fat storing hormone so when it's high, it's basically impossible to drop those lbs, not to mention it's highly inflammatory. Insulin resistance is best thought of as 'pre-pre diabetes' BUT it's something that doctors rarely check. .

More than 1/3 Americans has pre-diabetes and approximately 90% of them don't even know it. As people keep munching on their carbs and not moving their bodies, they eventually develop type 2 diabetes. Side note: Medicare only covers nutrition visits with a Registered Dietitian when a person has full-blown diabetes rather than when it's easier to actually reverse in pre-diabetes. Thank you health insurance! :) .

This increases risk of type 2 diabetes and even Alzheimer's Disease, which is referred to as Type 3 Diabetes in functional medicine. Research shows that people with high blood sugar levels, even without being diabetic, are at a higher risk of Alzheimer's Disease. Blood sugar balance is the name of the game for controlling inflammation, lowering fat-promoting insulin, and reducing risk of neurodegenerative disease! Generally speaking, I recommend no more than 1-2 servings of starchy foods (preferably berries, apples, sweet potatoes, etc.) with a meal. Also do any of you check your blood sugar levels? This is something that I do regularly. Now question: do you like these long posts? Or do you prefer the cute food pics?! I want to know! .

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  • Happy Halloween week! 🎃 I’m all about celebrating with an occasional sweet treat.

Here’s some of my Halloween favorites: Favorite costume: Jamaican Bobsled Team. Favorite candy growing up: Reese’s Cups for sure! Bc I’m in love with anything chocolate and peanut butter. Anyone else?! .

Checkout these Chocolate Peanut Butter Cluster Cups on my website for a healthier alternative to Reese’s Cups. Link is in my bio. Happy Halloween week! 👻🖤🧡. #functionalmedicinedoeshalloween #halloweentreats #peanutbutter #chocolate
  • Hey Fridayyy! I'm dropping in to share this thought thats been bouncing around in my 🧠 for the last few months. It's easy to perceive that people who are physically fit must be physiologically healthy. B/c strong muscles obviously means that a person is healthy!? That’s definitely something that the perfect bodies on Instagram make you believe 💪 💪 #gainz .

But really the way that a person looks on the outside does not necessarily indicate the inside. Many of my clients are very physically fit--regular crossfitters, iron man competitors, etc. What you don't see under the muscles and incredible level of fitness is all of the constipation, bloating, amenorrhea (no period), exhaustion, mood swings, asthma, brain fog, low immune system and dysfunction. .

In pursuing your own health, don't confuse fitness with health and wellness. They can go hand in hand but one does not automatically equal the other. When improving your level of fitness, be sure that you aren't doing it at the expense of your gut health, adrenal health, hormone levels, etc. And plan plenty of rest/relaxation days! .

Hit me up below or in my DM if you can relate to this in your own life! 💕

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  • Today is one of my favorite days of the year --National Food Day! A day to celebrate whole, local foods and the environment. @food_day 
Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with this large study that was just published in JAMA this week! Aka the Journal of the American Medical Association which is one of the most legit medical journals out there! The researchers demonstrated that individuals who ate more organic foods were less likely to develop various forms of cancer. This does not by any means demonstrate cause and effect but it is super promising! 
The top foods that I always recommend purchasing organic are: the Dirty Dozen produce list by @environmentalworkinggroup, all meats, eggs, and any dairy. Happy Food Day! I hope you go out with a veggie bang! 
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  • One of the most powerful choices you make everyday is the quality of food that you put into your mouth. Not bc you want to fit into a certain size jeans or get a 6 pack. But bc eating low quality, inflammatory foods, ESPECIALLY too much sugar can create a leaky gut and/or gut dysbiosis. This leads to the release of inflammation that gets sent to the brain, influences your HPA axis (strengthening your fight or flight response), production of BDNF and also impacts your ability to synthesize neurotransmitters. The result of this gut dysfunction is an increased risk of mental health disorders and neurodegeneration. And may partially explain the skyrocketing incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease. Eat like your brain depends on it because it actually does! #functionalmedicine #functionalnutrition #gutbrainaxis #mentalhealth
  • Who loves learning about the gut-brain axis?! 🙋‍♀️ Creating a healthy gut microbiota can be associated with a decreased risk of mental health disorders, risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and an association with more happiness. How? Hello gut-brain axis! The GBA is the bidirectional communication between your gut and brain. The balance of the gut microbiota is associated with depressive disorders, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, addiction, MS and more. And two main ways to improve gut microbiota/communication are by eating well (more probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, antioxidants/less factory farmed meat, antibiotics, and sugar) and reducing stress. This helps increase short chain fatty acid production, increase synthesis of neurotransmitters and increased production of Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor. Aka neuroprotection!!! 💁‍♀️🧠 Research also continues to show that probiotics work in similar ways as antidepressants. That’s not to say that antidepressants aren’t necessary for some but just fascinating cutting edge functional medicine! Isn’t it crazy?! Food is much more powerful than people think! #functionalmedicine #functionalnutrition #gutbrainconnection
  • Food is one of the most powerful forms of medicine but equally as powerful are our thoughts and the way that we speak to ourselves. If a diet creates more stress or negative thoughts then it can’t feed your soul and serve as true medicine. Wishing you happy and peaceful thoughts on this Sunday! #functionalmedicine #functionalnutrition #foodismedicine #healing #mindbodysoul
  • Finished off a relaxing weekend in South Carolina with this guy! Besides a big argument in Costco about whether we should buy grass-fed beef or grain-fed beef for the 12 other people that we were cooking for, it was an amazing weekend! (I lost on the grass-fed argument bc 💵 so I decided to go with the flow. No one will die from eating grain-fed beef one time!). There’s other things that I’m very consistent with while traveling bc it makes me feel so much better: always avoiding gluten 100%, getting at least 6 hours of sleep, and packing my essentials like herbal tea bags, supplement, and green powder (see my IG story for a few products). Lastly here’s what’s been on my mind a lot lately: the idea that fitness does not equal health. The way that a person looks on the outside does not tell you whether they are healthy on the inside (from an inflammatory/immune/hormone/mitochondrial/GI standpoint AND a mental/emotional standpoint). Health & wellness is not about having the perfect body on the outside, it’s ALL about how we fuel our insides. #sunshine #carolina #lakeview #wellness #nourish
  • Some of the most magical things in life will not be found on your endless To Do List. Try putting the list down sometimes and take time to relax, explore, laugh and experience life outside of those checkboxes! Loved this past weekend filled with rope swinging, creek walking,  boating, floating and watching sunsets! #happymonday #carolinas #naturephotography #restandrelax #naturestherapy
  • There’s a shift on the horizon of our healthcare system thanks to people like @mrjamesmaskell. I was honored to present at his Cleveland event alongside three of my favorite doctors and friends @juliefoucher @daniurcuyomd @drmarkhyman who are changing the way that we think of medicine. We were surrounded by people who believe that ‘healthcare’ starts with caring for our bodies through nutrition, exercise, necessary supplements, sleep, etc (all things not included in our healthcare 💵💵💵). Thank you to everyone who came out: my parents and sister, old colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic, old patients, my graduate students, and amazing friends and mentors. #functionalmedicine #functionalnutrition #integrativehealthcare #foodismedicine
  • Anti-inflammatory kale salad topped with avocado, sprouts, and golden beets! This lemon turmeric avocado oil dressing is one of the few dressings that doesn’t contain added sugars OR oils rich in omega 6 fatty acids (sunflower, safflower, canola, soybean, etc). Loving this clean ingredient list! #functionalnutrition #cleaningredients #cleaneats #avocadooil #antiinflammatory #turmeric

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