Love Over Fear–Your Time is Now

Welcome to my blog! I am very excited to have a place to share recipe ideas, nutrition information and advice for dietitians/practitioners who are interested in learning more about practicing functional medicine. I have been wanting to start a blog for a few years to help decrease the confusion surrounding nutrition and to share recipes/tips to make healthy eating more convenient and enjoyable for everyone. I continued to put it off because I didn’t know where to start or if anyone would follow. It wasn’t until I received a letter from my sister with the following quote attached that I realized I needed to stop putting it off. The quote read:

Action Quote by Francis Bacon, Sr.

This quote sits on my bathroom mirror so that I am reminded of it daily. The idea of action also applies to adopting new lifestyle habits. Research shows that people often put off changing their eating habits because they are confused about what is the “perfect diet”. I realized that time does not help someone figure out how to make the perfect blog or how to follow the perfect diet. Much of it has to do with believing that you will eventually figure it out and just starting with the basics. I often tell my patients to focus less on figuring out what is the perfect diet and focus more on making small, simple improvements.

Nutrition and healthy habits are not always one size fits all. There are many factors that impact which nutrition lifestyle works best for a person. What works well for you may look different than what works for your friends. Try to let go of the idea that there is a perfect diet that you need to be following. Give yourself permission to let go of all of the “rules” that you’ve read. Step into a place that is focused on the right fit for you–one that takes nutrition research into account and then is tailored to your lifestyle, culture, taste preferences, food sensitivities or reactions etc.

Don’t wait to start embracing nutritious foods, physical activity and stress reduction practices. We are not living in eternity. Choose love over fear. Your time is now!

Thanks for reading,