In the last week the city of Cleveland and North East Ohio has been on fire, celebrating the Cleveland Cavs and our MVP, Lebron James on Cleveland’s first championship in 52 years. On Wednesday the Cavs celebrated their NBA championship with the city of Cleveland during a parade that attracted 1.3 million people to the downtown area. It has been an unexplainable week celebrating the Cavs and their amazingness but it’s also a great reason to celebrate other awesome things about the city of Cleveland.

Photo @CLEpolice

Photo @CLEpolice

Northeast Ohio is also the home of many AMAZING companies that are making healthy living more convenient and realistic! These companies are part of an important initiative to inspire individuals and the Cleveland community to incorporate healthy living into their day-to-day lives. Here are my top 12 favorite companies that are working hard to create change and improve health in Cleveland and the rest of the country.

#1: Fresh Fork Market

This Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) company is a brilliant concept that connects consumers with local farms throughout NorthEast Ohio. The company was started by Trevor Clatterbuck during his senior year at Case Western Reserve University. Fresh Fork Market helps boost business for local farms while also supplying individuals with the highest quality produce in the area. It doesn’t get better than that! I toured their warehouse a few years ago with one of my nutrition idols Maureen Pisanick, RD and they had the freshest, juiciest apples. Fresh Fork Market also hosts various events in the community to help promote cooking and eating local!


#2: Vitamix

VitamixThere is no blender like a Vitamix. This high powdered machine provides individuals with an avenue to improve their diets through soups, smoothies, dressings, and more! Vitamix was started in the 1930s and is a fourth generation family business located in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. The fourth president, Jodi Berg writes the following in a letter on Vitamix’s website, “The world can be a healthier and better place through whole-food nutrition. It is not just our torch—it is a passion held by many. Please join us in changing the way the world thinks about food, quality products, and customer service.” The lives of individuals all over the world are being changed by this family owned company that promotes whole-food nutrition. 



Drink Nooma

Photo by @Drinknooma

This post-workout electrolyte drink was founded by Jarred and Brandon Smith (aka the NOOMA Bros) on the East side of Cleveland. NOOMA stands for No More Acid which the brothers created after their hockey careers, which included acidic drinks like gatorade. This electrolyte drink has become a go-to for fitness enthusiasts of all kinds and is spreading to Columbus, Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh. NOOMA is made from coconut water, an electrolyte blend, and stevia. The drinks are certified Organic, Paleo Friendly, Gluten-free, Non-GMO project verified and are free of any added sugars. My favorite flavor is the chocolate mint–it’s exactly what my body needs after a workout!

NOOMA is available at all Heinens, Select Whole Foods (Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C.), the Mustard Seed, Marc’s, and gyms/workout studios around town.


#4: Erie Bone Broth

Erie Bone BrothErie Bone Broth is a local company that was founded by Kelly Dimacchia. Bone broth is an amazingly nutritious broth that has been around for decades but has recently gained more popularity. Bone broth is cooked with bones from an animal for 24 to 48 hours. Erie Bone Broth offers chicken, beef and turkey bone broth, all of which are made from bones that are supplied by local farms in the Cleveland area. Their 100% grass-fed and finished beef comes from a family-owned farm in Creston, OH called Green Vista Farms.

They are available in the frozen section of Heinens and the Mustard Seed, Miles Farmers Market, and various farmers markets throughout town.


#5: PaleoMD


Photo @PaleoMD

You may think that eating paleo means the end of your pizza-eating days but PaleoMD has proven otherwise with their line of PaleoPizzas. This family-owned company was started in Cleveland, OH by Dani Urcuyo, MD and Patricia Urcuyo who were motivated to offer nutritious pizzas because they believe that food is medicine. These gluten-free, dairy-free and grain-free pizzas are made with almond flour, tapioca flour and many other clean, quality ingredients. My favorite flavor is the veggie pizza which tastes is everything that I could ever ask for in a pizza!

PaleoPizza is available at Giant Eagle Market District, the Ohio Earth Fare stores, Cafe Avalaun in Beachwood, OH, Fisher Foods in North Canton, and Vita Urban in Battery Park.


#6: Red Lotus Foods

Red Lotus nailed their creamy cashew dips and spreads that are completely gluten-free and dairy-free. The company was started by Jeanne Petrus-Rivera in Cleveland, OH. They are all rich and creamy spreads that will make you forget about your cheese cravings. Jeanne lives a vegan lifestyle which allowed her to identify the need for a dairy-free, nutrient-dense snack spreads!

Red Lotus is available at the Mustard Seed stores, Heinens, and farmers markets.


#7: Inca Tea

Inca tea 2

Photo @Incatea

Inca Tea was founded in Parma, Ohio by Cleveland Native Ryan Florio. The tea company is unique because they incorporate purple corn into their blends which increases the antioxidant value. The teas are non-GMO project verified and gluten-free.

You can purchase Inca Tea at Heinens, the Mustard Seed, Cleveland Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond and the Inca Tea Cafe at the Cleveland Airport! I could drink the Peruvian Spiced Berry all day long!


#8: The Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed is a family owned and operated healthy grocery store with three locations in Montrose, Highland Square and Solon. They are committed to providing only the most nutritious foods and uphold high standards for their foods which includes: no artificial colors, flavorings or harmful chemical preservatives, no saccharin or aspartame, no irradiated foods, meats raised without the use of growth hormones and never fed animal by-products. They are also committed to education on nutrition and bring in speakers for events and classes. Checkout their amazing restaurants at Montrose and Highland!


#9: Town Hall

Town Hall is located in Ohio City on West 25th Street. This is one of my personal favorites because they have amazing food and a fun atmosphere. The restaurant is GMO-free and they accommodate dietary needs with labeled menus for vegan dishes, gluten-free, and paleo. They make it possible to eat out and socialize with friends in an atmosphere that is conducive to eating well. They also have a partnership with Restore Cold Pressed Juice, a raw organic cold-pressed juice and smoothie company, to provide even more nutrition with your meal. I love all of the bowls at Town Hall and the Remedy is my favorite Restore Juice.


#10: Backattack Snacks

Photo @Backattack Snacks & @Rachelgoodphotography

Photo @Backattack Snacks

Backattack Snacks is a roasted almond company that’s newer to the Cleveland market. They recently won the Heinen’s Shark Bank competition which means that they will be in all 22 Heinens grocery stores within the next month. Brian Back started the company after realizing there weren’t many options for a nutritious postworkout snack. He was frustrated to find that many existing almond companies have 15 ingredients on their ingredient list, some of which are not even real food. The company prides itself on using only real food ingredients and supplying their honey from local farms in NorthEast Ohio. My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Firecracker Almonds, made with almonds, honey, 100% raw cacao powder, himalayan pink sea salt, and cayenne pepper.

You can find Backattack Snacks at the Grocery OHC in Ohio City, the Wine Spot in Cleveland Heights, and crossfit gyms in the area. Look for them in Heinen’s within the next month.


#11: Cleveland Kraut 

Cleveland Kraut

Photo @clevelandkraut

Cleveland Kraut is a company that was created by two brother-in-laws in order to provide customers with high quality, crunchy sauerkrauts. Sauerkraut is a nutritious fermented vegetable blend that is rich in probiotics that help promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Cleveland Kraut offers many different flavors but my favorite is the Curry Kraut or the Roasted Garlic.

Pick up Cleveland Kraut at the North Union Farmers Markets, Heinens, Dave’s Market, Vita Urbana, Constantino’s, Zagara’s, Giant Eagle Market District and Miles Farmers Market.


#12: Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen

This is an amazing company that has made it possible for many of the companies on this list to get their start! Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen (CCLK) is a commercial shared kitchen space for startup companies that is giving local food companies an opportunity to create and build their business. Their goal is to increase the success rates of local food businesses in Northeast Ohio by providing a kitchen space plus business coaching and mentorship. Many of the companies included in this article got their start at the CCLK, including Red Lotus Foods, Erie Bone Broth, Backattack Snacks and Cleveland Kraut.