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Brigid Titgemeier, MS, RDN, LD

Welcome to BeingBrigid--my functional nutrition hub! I'm Brigid, a Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a food first philosophy to treating and preventing chronic disease. I started my career as the Founding Dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and have since transitioned to building a functional nutrition consulting business. I use this site to express evidence-based nutrition recommendations and resources plus nutrient-dense, gluten-free recipes!

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  • Quote from Hippocrates a few thousand years ago. Emerging research continues to validate that he was REALLY onto something. You may think that the solution to your acne is acne cream or toxic accutane, or fatigue requires coffee or that heartburn requires Tums or that excess weight requires a 1,000 calorie starvation diet. But here’s the thing: NONE of these actually fix the problem and more times than not, these symptoms manifest from poor gut health! Read more about the five key roles of a healthy gut in my latest article up on https://beingbrigid.com! #linkinbio #guthealth #healthygut #functionalnutrition
  • Sunday night salad stacked with all the veggies, avocado, and sauerkraut. Topped with broccoli sprouts for a super rich source of sulforaphane...amazing for detox support and estrogen metabolism and WAY easier than swallowing a supplement. What are your favorite salad toppers?! #functionalnutrition #detox #sprouts #summersalad #cleaneats #organicaf #detoxyourbody #mattdoingthings
  • The best Saturday spent on a rooftop in sunny Cleveland doing yoga with @tamischneider27 and @awaketomysoul, alongside some powerful and inspiring people in the Cleveland world of wellness! Days like today remind me of how awesome life is when we take time to CONNECT with like minded people in the community. So many amazing things are happening in Cleveland wellness and our goal was to bring together many of the leaders in this space to connect and support one another. BIG thank you to @kaylabarnes for planning this with me and to @townhallohc and @wearerebol for providing the best gluten-free, dairy-free, veggie loaded lunch! Also a huge shoutout to @inks247 @bobbytgeorge @angelafachphoto @drinknooma @rawtrainer @incabuch @sietefoods @rxbar @simplemills! Can’t wait for the next one! 📸 @angelafachphoto #thisiscleveland #cleveland #cle #flowandfeast
  • First CrossFit Games in the books! Never in my life have I seen so many large muscles in one weekend! 💪💪💪 Even if you don’t do CrossFit, it goes to show how contagious healthy lifestyle habits can become when you surround yourself with people that think of fitness as a fun hobby rather than a box that needs to be checked everyday. Also best organic açaí bowls I’ve ever experienced! #crossfitgames #functionalfitness
  • Fresh and local produce from the Farmers Market in Madison makes me SO happy!! 😀 Getting ready for taco/margarita/guacamole night with all of our favorite people! #tacos #farmersmarket #crossfitgames #crossfit #dinner #eatlocal #localeats #functionalnutrition #realfood
  • No time for grocery shopping or meal prep this weekend so I’m drinking a smoothie for dinner. No makeup and frizzy hair to boot! 💁‍♀️ I like to call this REALITY!! I really believe that perfectionism does not equal worthiness or acceptance. Don’t forget to accept yourself even when your life is not perfect and to send yourself occasional reminders that you’re doing your best! Cheers to being far from perfect! 💗💗💗
  • Such upsetting statistics: 54% of Americans have normal blood sugar, 34% have prediabetes, and 12% have diabetes. Literally half of our population has high blood sugar levels! Talk about an epidemic and a true reflection of our horrible food environment. It’s not a personal willpower problem bc willpower has not changed in the last 50 years. But our food environment has dramatically. Eating dessert for breakfast and calling it cereal and donuts, pouring packets of sugar into coffee to get that dopamine hit, living in a society where Olympic and professional athletes sell out and allow themselves to be advertised drinking Coke, eating “protein bars” that are in fact loaded with sugar, having easier access to sandwiches and French fries than a truly healthy meal, ordering a salad as the healthy option to unknowingly get a sugar high from the salad dressing and dried fruit—IT ALL ADDS UP! Last year I led a group nutrition course for type 2 diabetics. Their doctors had put them on tons of different meds and told them to “eat healthy”. Thankfully we had the opportunity to pilot a ketogenic program with them. Within one week of changing their diet their blood sugar levels began to drop and meds were adjusted. This is not a willpower problem! It’s an environmental problem where the food industry loads people with sugar and then big Pharma loads them up with meds when the sugar adds up! The only way to change this is for us to continue voting with our forks! End rant!
  • If you want to feel productive, focused and energized throughout the day, look no further than your morning breakfast and routine. If you’re still eating cereal and drinking OJ, Id recommend ditching those as the first step! Especially since 92% of cold cereals in the US have added sugars. Read more in my latest post on creating an optimal morning and fueling your best in the AM which is up on beingbrigid.com. It includes my thoughts on intermittent fasting, meditation, coffee, the best way to break the fast and more! #morningroutine #breakfast #meditation #intermittentfasting #fasting #morningfuel #coffee #functionalnutrition #functionalmedicine 📸 @leighrichards
  • So many of us sit ALL day long, crouched over electronic devices. But a new American Cancer Society study demonstrates that it’s killing us—literally! Sitting for 6+ hours a day was associated with a 19% higher risk of all cause death compared to those who sit for 3 hours or less. There was an especially high risk of death associated with 14 of 22 measured causes including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, suicide, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and more. In previous studies this risk has been independent of how much moderate-vigorous intensity physical activity you get. Main message: stand more, sit less, move your feet, take the stairs, do lunges in the hallways or pushups in between calls and stretch your body as much as possible! Even if it means making your own make-shift standing desk! How many hours do you sit per day?!? #sitless #movemore #moveyourbody #functionalmedicine #10000steps
  • Lots of water related injuries from tubing but still smiling with my favorite people!
  • A month ago we were waking up to the most incredible view in Iceland, practicing yoga next to this stream and making breakfast while watching the sunrise (well kind of rise...it never actually got fully dark when we were there)! Nothing beats being able to slow down, de-stress and experience the beauty of this world! What’s your top vacation spot with beautiful nature?! Anddd would you move to Iceland with me?! 😁🌅 🍃🌍💫
  • One year ago today @juliefoucher @daniurcuyomd and I were riding around on my Grandmas John Deere! 😂 We also launched our Functional Feed subscription program combining functional medicine, nutrition and movement. After connecting with so many of our amazing participants and learning SO much, we’ve decided to restructure. Im so thankful for all the backend work from @lifeofthecakes who also continued to ask “is this getting us closer to where we are trying to go?” and “are we providing the most value possible?”. And the honest answer was no! We want to provide more education so we are working on pivoting to an online course for our @healthyselfreset community. More info coming in a few months! If something doesn’t feel exactly right in your life or career, it’s never too late to pivot! Shoutout to everyone that made the program possible: my amazing mom, @lifeofthecakes @leighrichards @laurenshelar @stevencriminal @anjliwashere @eatlovewithlove And thanks to all the advice from @dhrupurohit! 💗💗💗 #healthyselfreset #johndeere #farmlife #functionalnutrition #functionalmedicine

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