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Brigid Titgemeier, MS, RDN, LD

Welcome to BeingBrigid--my functional nutrition hub! I'm Brigid, a Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a food first philosophy to treating and preventing chronic disease. I started my career as the Founding Dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and have since transitioned to building a functional nutrition consulting business. I use this site to express evidence-based nutrition recommendations and resources plus nutrient-dense, gluten-free recipes!

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  • I am obsessed with thinking critically about nutrient imbalances that lead to dysfunction in the body, especially for each client that I see. But at the same time, I'm even more obsessed with energy. Thinking my way through situations has never served me as well as feeling my way through them, listening to my intuition and feeling energy exchanges from other people. -

The energy that you put out is so much more powerful than any logic, thinking or science-based facts that you hold in your head. We are all just energetic beings that are constantly exchanging energy with each other and the universe. It's amazing what can happen when we are aware of that energy--feeling deep connections with ourselves and with others, taking unreasonable action b/c of a gut feeling, and feeling the energy that you put out when you enter a room. -

What kind of energy do you put out for others to receive? Are you showing up fully? - 
#mindbodymedicine #energy #functionalmedicine #functionalnutrition #nourish
  • One of the most powerful choices you make everyday is the quality of food that you put into your mouth. Not bc you want to fit into a certain size jeans or get a 6 pack. But bc eating low quality, inflammatory foods, ESPECIALLY too much sugar can create a leaky gut and/or gut dysbiosis. This leads to the release of inflammation that gets sent to the brain, influences your HPA axis (strengthening your fight or flight response), production of BDNF and also impacts your ability to synthesize neurotransmitters. The result of this gut dysfunction is an increased risk of mental health disorders and neurodegeneration. And may partially explain the skyrocketing incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease. Eat like your brain depends on it because it actually does! #functionalmedicine #functionalnutrition #gutbrainaxis #mentalhealth
  • Who loves learning about the gut-brain axis?! 🙋‍♀️ Creating a healthy gut microbiota can be associated with a decreased risk of mental health disorders, risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and an association with more happiness. How? Hello gut-brain axis! The GBA is the bidirectional communication between your gut and brain. The balance of the gut microbiota is associated with depressive disorders, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, addiction, MS and more. And two main ways to improve gut microbiota/communication are by eating well (more probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, antioxidants/less factory farmed meat, antibiotics, and sugar) and reducing stress. This helps increase short chain fatty acid production, increase synthesis of neurotransmitters and increased production of Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor. Aka neuroprotection!!! 💁‍♀️🧠 Research also continues to show that probiotics work in similar ways as antidepressants. That’s not to say that antidepressants aren’t necessary for some but just fascinating cutting edge functional medicine! Isn’t it crazy?! Food is much more powerful than people think! #functionalmedicine #functionalnutrition #gutbrainconnection
  • Food is one of the most powerful forms of medicine but equally as powerful are our thoughts and the way that we speak to ourselves. If a diet creates more stress or negative thoughts then it can’t feed your soul and serve as true medicine. Wishing you happy and peaceful thoughts on this Sunday! #functionalmedicine #functionalnutrition #foodismedicine #healing #mindbodysoul
  • Finished off a relaxing weekend in South Carolina with this guy! Besides a big argument in Costco about whether we should buy grass-fed beef or grain-fed beef for the 12 other people that we were cooking for, it was an amazing weekend! (I lost on the grass-fed argument bc 💵 so I decided to go with the flow. No one will die from eating grain-fed beef one time!). There’s other things that I’m very consistent with while traveling bc it makes me feel so much better: always avoiding gluten 100%, getting at least 6 hours of sleep, and packing my essentials like herbal tea bags, supplement, and green powder (see my IG story for a few products). Lastly here’s what’s been on my mind a lot lately: the idea that fitness does not equal health. The way that a person looks on the outside does not tell you whether they are healthy on the inside (from an inflammatory/immune/hormone/mitochondrial/GI standpoint AND a mental/emotional standpoint). Health & wellness is not about having the perfect body on the outside, it’s ALL about how we fuel our insides. #sunshine #carolina #lakeview #wellness #nourish
  • Some of the most magical things in life will not be found on your endless To Do List. Try putting the list down sometimes and take time to relax, explore, laugh and experience life outside of those checkboxes! Loved this past weekend filled with rope swinging, creek walking,  boating, floating and watching sunsets! #happymonday #carolinas #naturephotography #restandrelax #naturestherapy
  • There’s a shift on the horizon of our healthcare system thanks to people like @mrjamesmaskell. I was honored to present at his Cleveland event alongside three of my favorite doctors and friends @juliefoucher @daniurcuyomd @drmarkhyman who are changing the way that we think of medicine. We were surrounded by people who believe that ‘healthcare’ starts with caring for our bodies through nutrition, exercise, necessary supplements, sleep, etc (all things not included in our healthcare 💵💵💵). Thank you to everyone who came out: my parents and sister, old colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic, old patients, my graduate students, and amazing friends and mentors. #functionalmedicine #functionalnutrition #integrativehealthcare #foodismedicine
  • Anti-inflammatory kale salad topped with avocado, sprouts, and golden beets! This lemon turmeric avocado oil dressing is one of the few dressings that doesn’t contain added sugars OR oils rich in omega 6 fatty acids (sunflower, safflower, canola, soybean, etc). Loving this clean ingredient list! #functionalnutrition #cleaningredients #cleaneats #avocadooil #antiinflammatory #turmeric
  • Attention all Clevelanders! I’m super excited to be part of the Knew Vision Tour which comes to Cleveland next week! Join myself and my favorite functional medicine people @juliefoucher @drmarkhyman @daniurcuyomd and @mrjamesmaskell on October 3rd to be part of an amazing evening focused on moving the field of functional medicine & nutrition forward! (Subbing out @thehealthwarriorproject for @mrjamesmaskell! 😂). Swipe right for more details on getting your tickets! Can’t wait to see you there! @designsforhealth #functionalmedicine #functionalnutrition #knewhealthtour #guthealth #cleveland #cle
  • Keto macadamia bread...hold the FLOuR and add the FLOweRS! Makes for a better nutrition profile that’s low glycemic and lots of fiber PLUS beautiful food pics! The only people that think bread has to have flour is the government and the food industry! Link to the recipe is in my bio! 🌺 🌸 🌹 #flowerpower #flourfree #grainfree #glutenfree #ketobread #keto #functionalnutrition #foodismedicine
  • No one likes to hear it but maybe you need to take a break from saying yes to everyone, hustling 24/7 and suppressing your emotions bc all of these things add stress to your body and can hurt your health. There’s a clear association between chronic exposure to stress and your hypothamalic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis. These stressors signal your 🧠 hypothalamus and then your pituitary to produce ACTH which signals the adrenals to increase cortisol production. If this happens long term then it can have very real consequences that directly effect your energy levels, metabolism, insulin levels, digestive health and immune system. And guess what-you can’t supplement your way out of it!! Sometimes people call it “Adrenal Fatigue” but it’s not a very accurate term-more so adrenal dysfunction. This is something that I’ve been working through with the amazing @funxionalmed and have been working on an article that will be posted on beingbrigid.com by the end of this week. Here’s a sneak peak: while I am a huge advocate of intermittent fasting in most cases, I do not usually recommend for people with adrenal issues-best to consume regular meals throughout the day. Also some of my best tips are to meditate daily, take naps, find an outlet for your emotions (journaling is powerful for me), and make time for doing nothing! How does that sound-easy or hard?! #functionalmedicine #adrenalhealth #functionalnutrition #nourish #adrenalfatigue #adrenalhealth #healing #meditation #namaste
  • Day 2 of my nutrigenetics training and I wanted to share something that I’ve been thinking about a lot in the last few weeks relating to this topic: people with great genes are going to be less likely to feel amazing from dietary and lifestyle changes bc they already have such a strong foundation-their genetic cup is filled 100%. Whereas people that have lots of genetic weaknesses or SNPs are more likely to feel much better from lifestyle changes—b/c you’re starting out with a cup that’s filled maybe 50% (I fall into this category for sure!). Sometimes it makes me feel high maintenance for caring about the excessive use of cleaning products, staying in hotels that smell moldy, trying to eat mostly organic but it makes me feel SO much better and based on my genes, my detox function is not 100%. So as I probably say way too often, we are all SO different and it’s so important that we each honor our own needs! No apologizing! Does anyone else feel that?! #functionalnutrition #nutrigenetics #nutrigenomics #foodismedicine #lifestylemedicine #nourishyourbody

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