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Hi, I’m Brigid

I’m a Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian and health advocate. 15 years ago, I found myself on the patient side of functional medicine after conventional medicine insisted on throwing drugs my way. I learned to use food as a powerful tool for my own healing. Helping others do the same became my personal life mission so I went onto study nutrition at the top institutions for 10 years. I’ve since worked with 4,000 people, just like you, helping them transform their lives. How? By using food to improve physiology, creating personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations; and helping others overcome limiting beliefs.


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Thanks to working with Brigid, my blood sugar levels went from a pre-diabetic level to being in range and I am discovering the “true” definition of wellness, mindfully embracing food as medicine and leaning into a mindset that seeks the healthiest version of myself with love and acceptance. Brigid genuinely explores your whole “story” with you. It is a journey that truly nourishes your body, spirit and soul.

Susan H

Prior to Brigid’s consultancy, I thought I was in good shape with a very good eating program and healthy habits. I wanted to see if I could take it to the next level at 55 years old and facing the natural progression of aging. The results were significantly more than expected. In 3 months: went from 22% body fat to 14%. 185 lbs to 167 lbs. Joint and back pain are gone, daily acid reflux is completely gone, cholesterol is down 30%, no energy drops, significantly better sleep. I would say more, but you would think it was a set-up.

Pat F

Brigid’s recommendations and care completely changed my life forever. My gastrointestinal pain and bloating began a few years prior. After numerous appointments and tests by a Gastroenterologist, it was determined there was nothing wrong. But my GI pain and bloating prevented me from running and training. The recommendation for me to meet with Brigid absolutely changed my life. Fast forward to today; I lost 25 pounds and ran a Half Marathon in October, symptom-free. 

Matt R