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Next Level Nutrition Coaching

This 6-month nutrition coaching program is the ultimate approach to personalizing nutrition and lifestyle and learning what works best for your body. Next Level Nutrition Coaching combines coaching and accountability with in-depth labs to improve metabolic health, lower inflammation and improve gut health.


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Who is this for?

  • Adults looking for that extra personalized attention to their unique nutritional needs, lab values, supplements, and more.
  • Individuals who are confused about nutrition and are looking to work with a credentialed nutrition expert.
  • Leaders who want to be able to show up as a healthier, more energized version of themselves.
  • Adults who are eating somewhat ‘healthy’ but not getting results.
  • People interested in creating health after 40.

Successes Noted From Previous Clients

  • 20+ pound weight loss
  • Better blood sugar balance
  • Reduced joint stiffness
  • Improved physical endurance
  • Enhanced confidence in making food choices
  • Reduced bloating and improved gut health
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Improved reflux symptoms
  • Decreased stress and stress eating
  • Lower inflammation
  • Mindset shift around food, thinking of it more as nourishing your cells rather than restricting calories
  • Improved sleep quality

What the Coaching Program Includes

Initial 90-minute nutritional assessment
Two 45-minute consultations per month, for six-months
In-depth review of personalized lab results
Customized nutritional plans and recipes
Medical grade supplement recommendations
Lifestyle recommendations
Weekly educational material

Additional Nutritional Testing

There is no diet that works best for everyone. The best nutrition recommendations are personalized to your needs. Through advanced functional nutrition testing, we can identify your unique needs. The tests are not required but they are very beneficial. All testing costs are in addition to the price of the 6-month program.

Common tests include:
  • Cortisol levels
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Microbiome
  • Genetics
  • Food sensitivities

With this information, we create a personalized program that helps you achieve your health goals and function at the highest level cognitively and energetically. The program focuses on more than disease prevention, it’s also helps you maximize your overall health.

Weekly Curriculum

Each week of the program is focused on different educational topics that teach you more about how to care for your body and prioritize your health. Some example topics include:

  • Setting up your pantry for success
  • Harnessing a mindful approach to eating
  • How to read a label
  • The power of your gut health
  • Overcoming sugar cravings
  • The key to longevity


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Prior to Brigid’s consultancy, I thought I was in good shape with a very good eating program and healthy habits. I wanted to see if I could take it to the next level at 55 years old and facing the natural progression of aging. The results were significantly more than expected. In 3 months: went from 22% body fat to 14%. 185 lbs to 167 lbs. Joint and back pain are gone, daily acid reflux is completely gone, cholesterol is down 30%, no energy drops, significantly better sleep. I would say more, but you would think it was a set-up.

Pat F