Cacao Coconut Bliss Nut Balls

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Ditch those high sugar afternoon snack/protein bars that leave you feeling tired and constantly hungry. As we know, a high consumption of added sugars (like honey, cane syrup, molasses, maple syrup, etc.) leads to blood sugar fluctuations. Blood sugar highs and lows are associated with fatigue, an increased risk of early death, weight gain and inflammation. The good news is that all of this is preventable. 

Insulin Resistance & Weight Gain

Insulin is a fat-storing, pro-inflammatory hormone that gets released after eating foods high in sugar. Insulin resistance means that you become less sensitive to the insulin produced by your body which adds pounds to your abdominal area like you’ve never thought possible. A higher glycemic diet and sedentary lifestyle can become the perfect storm for insulin resistance. The classic signs? Fatigue, weight gain around your abdominal area, difficulty losing weight, cravings, hot flashes, energy fluctuations, blood sugar dips, depression, and more.

Insulin resistance is essentially like pre-pre-diabetes. It can happen before a doctor will detect pre-diabetes because insulin levels may start to go up before your blood glucose levels do. That’s because the body tries to compensate for as long as possible by producing more insulin as your cells become less sensitive to the insulin that you are producing. Eventually blood glucose levels start to rise. The beauty is that if you can catch insulin resistance early then it is easier to reverse and less likely to lead to other symptoms.

This is where your diet comes into play and this is exactly why these nut balls are so amazing! Eating a low glycemic diet is critical for reducing insulin levels. Often times when I work with my clients and transition them to a low glycemic diet they lose weight fairly quickly. That’s because their history of calorie counting was not helping to reduce their insulin levels but a low glycemic diet does the trick. These bliss balls are stacked with healthy fats from the cashew butter, chia seeds and almonds plus plant-based protein that helps reduce blood sugar fluctuations and decreases your need for insulin.

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