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Coconut Butter Fat Bomb Bars

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We’ve been tricked into believing that a lower dietary fat intake leads to less fat for our bellies and booties but it’s really not so simple. Healthy fats are an incredibly important source of fuel, brain power, and blood sugar control. Don’t hide from fats! For many people incorporating healthy fats throughout the day can lead to weight loss and stable blood sugar levels. These coconut butter fat bomb bars are an extremely tasty way to add fats to your diet in between meals or after dinner. Crank up your food processor and get ready to enjoy this gluten-free, dairy-free and added sugar-free treat with only three dates as the sweetener.

Decreasing Sugar Cravings

What if I told you that you have sugar cravings because you don’t eat enough fat? This happens more often than you would think. This is the exact reason that the low-fat craze coupled with the influx of added sugar as a main staple in our food supply was the perfect storm for diabesity (central obesity which directly increases risk of type 2 diabetes). When people eat less fat they crave sugar to decrease their cravings and as they give into those cravings and eat more sugar, they crave even more sugar. It’s a viscous cycle that can be broken by starting to increase fat in your diet. This does not mean to eat gobs of nut butters, and coconut butter bars; but rather be sure that you have at least one tablespoon of a healthy fats with each meal and snack.

Examples of Healthy Fats

What do I even mean by healthy fats? The best sources are found in healthy oils, nuts and seeds. The * in the list below indicates that the fat is higher in saturated fats. These types of fats can be healthy for the general person but can be associated with an increased risk of heart disease for some people. I would recommend incorporating coconut butter and oil into your diet occasionally and rotating those oils with extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil. If you have a strong risk for heart disease then consult with a healthcare practitioner about the use of coconut-based products.

Avocado                                                          Almonds

Olives                                                              Almond butter

Avocado oil                                                    Cashews

Extra virgin olive oil                                     Walnuts

Sesame oil                                                      Pecans

Coconut oil*                                                   Chia seeds

Coconut butter*                                            Flaxseeds, ground

Full-fat coconut milk*                                 Hemp seeds

Grass-fed ghee*                                            Sesame seeds

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