Welcome to BeingBrigid!

Hey everyone! I am so excited to launch this website today. It feels like I’ve been dreaming about and brainstorming names and content for years (probably because it has been years!). I have always loved writing about nutrition. I’ve collaborated with others on their writing but have not written many articles and recipes of my own. The drive behind starting this site was my patients. The people that I see everyday are so inspiring because many (not all!) are willing to make significant changes to their diet. They always express a desire for more ideas, information and resources. I realized that there are plenty of people out there who are probably in the same boat as my patients, confused about conflicting nutrition information and not sure about how to begin making changes.

I used to be one of those people so that’s why I can completely relate! I was 14 when I was faced with my own health obstacles and my parents (who are so genius and amazing) took me to see an alternative medicine doctor who presented me with an intense Elimination Diet. That was when my nutrition journey began. There was hardly any information available. Google was barely even on the map! Without my Mom reading and cooking and packing all of my food, I would have been lost. This is my way of turning my journey into inspiration for some of you going through similar experiences.

The concept of BeingBrigid is more than an instagram name (credit to Victoria Colligan for the name!). It’s a way of living that is much larger than myself. It’s about Being and Expressing your whole self, respecting your body and prioritizing your health. The ‘Brigid’ can easily be replaced with your own name to create your own story. The basis of BeingBrigid is focused on these three pillars:

  1. Truth: I’m committed to providing nutrition truth. There is a lot of confusing and conflicting information out there from bloggers, companies, and just about anyone who decides to give their 2 cents on nutrition. The content on this website will be nothing but credible, research-based nutrition information and advice.
  2. Inspiration: I hope that the information and recipes that you read about on BeingBrigid can help inspire you to live the healthiest life possible. I want you to feel confident about making the right food choices and empowered to lead a healthy life.
  3. Action: Have you noticed how many people watch cooking shows or follow food bloggers but don’t actually cook?! This website is not just about reading–it’s about doing. It’s about understanding that you have to take action, be your own health advocate, and lead a healthy life! It’s not just about your health. It’s about the health of your family, your friends, neighbors, and your community. Healthy living is contagious but so is an unhealthy lifestyle. Choose to take action not just for you but for those that you love!

The focus of the site will be on sharing my nutrition philosophies and the latest nutrition research (which you will find under the ‘Nutrition’ tab). I’m also going to be sharing my recipes which are always gluten-free and a combination of pegan/paleo-ish. I don’t like labels but if I had to label the way that I eat it would be in line with a pegan diet. The ‘About’ tab includes more of my personal and professional journey. I also included a ‘functional medicine’ tab so that you can learn more about the functional medicine approach to medicine. For the dietitians out there who are interested in training in functional medicine, there’s also a tab with information on your options. I hope that you enjoy my Nutrition Wall of Fame with the top experts in the field of nutrition/wellness/functional medicine who have taught me SO much!

Please reach out to me with comments or feedback! I’d love to hear from you! You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest @BeingBrigid.