Welcome to BeingBrigid!

Welcome to BeingBrigid Functional Nutrition, your hub for learning to create health with personalized nutrition and food as medicine. People are taught that being healthy means going on a diet to lose weight and separately, seeing your doctor to manage everything else. The conventional mindset is to use food as a weight loss tool and use medication and medical management for your health. We’ve outsourced our health to the diet industry and the medical system without realizing that neither of these systems teaches you how to create health. Many people go their whole lives without knowing what health even feels like and how to create it in their own bodies.

This was my personal experience as a teenager when I was diagnosed with a neurological autoimmune disease. I was 14 when I was faced with my own health obstacles and my parents (who are so genius and amazing) took me to see an alternative medicine doctor who presented me with an intense Elimination Diet. That was when my nutrition journey began but prior to that, I pretty much just ate whatever, whenever I wanted. In these days, there was hardly any nutrition information or recipes available. Google was barely even on the map! Without my Mom reading and cooking and packing all of my food, I would have been lost. I hope that my personal journey can provide inspiration to you and reinforce that food, stress reduction, sleep and movement are some of the most powerful tools that we have access to in order to create health in our bodies. I’ve learned that when given the right ingredients, the body has an incredible ability to help heal itself.

BeingBrigid is about Being and Expressing your whole self, respecting your body and prioritizing your health. The basis of BeingBrigid is focused on these three pillars:

  1. Truth: I’m committed to providing nutrition truth. There is a lot of confusing and conflicting information out there from bloggers, companies, and just about anyone who decides to give their 2 cents on nutrition. The content on this website will be nothing but credible, research-based nutrition information and advice.
  2. Inspiration: I hope that the information and recipes that you read about on BeingBrigid can help inspire you to live the healthiest life possible. I want you to feel confident about making the right food choices and empowered to lead a healthy life.
  3. Action: This website is not just about reading–it’s about doing. It’s about understanding that you have to take action, be your own health advocate, and lead a healthy life! It’s not just about your health. It’s about the health of your family, your friends, neighbors, and your community. Healthy living is contagious but so is an unhealthy lifestyle. Choose to take action not just for you but for those that you love!

Please reach out to me with comments or feedback! I’d love to hear from you! You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.