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Berry and Nut Cream

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This berry and nut cream is perfect for your summer cravings! There is no added sugar, lots of plant-based polyphenols and higher fat from coconut to promote feelings of satiety. This dairy-free dessert has a very smooth and creamy mouthfeel that may help you trick your brain into believing that you are eating a high-sugar, dairy-based dessert.

After dinner cravings for dessert and sugar are all too common among…basically everyone! There are many different reasons for why people crave sugar but the common denominator for many is that sugar is EXTREMELY addictive. The best way to curb those cravings is to find adequate replacements for the sweet stuff. That’s where this Berry and Nut Cream comes in to save you. Try diving into this super Berry and Nut Cream to help you kick those sugar cravings for good!

Berry and nut cream