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Buffalo Chicken Chili

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There are two common excuses about nutrition that I hear constantly: “healthy food doesn’t taste good” and “I don’t have time”. There’s no room for either of these excuses with this buffalo chicken chili recipe which proves to be delicious and quick. Fuel your cells with optimal nutrients, your taste buds with a killer flavor combination and your schedule with plenty of extra time.

Cook Once, Eat Eight Bowls of Chili

In our fast paced lives where we try to fit in as many things as possible, cooking meals seems like one additional chore on the long to do list. I understand having a busy life and trying to pack in a million things. But it doesn’t mean nutrition and your health have to take a backseat! This is where planning in advance and cooking very easy, basic recipes on the weekend can go far. One of my favorite go-to recipes is this buffalo chicken chili recipe because it requires very little effort, tastes delicious and makes food for days! It’s a win-win-win!

Anti-Inflammatory Powerhouse

One of the best ways to add a very concentrated source of nutrients to your diet is by adding spices and herbs to different dishes. Fresh spices and herbs are more potent than ground but sometimes it’s just not possible to do everything fresh because #life. This recipe incorporates a variety of spices such as oregano, turmeric, chili powder, and red pepper flakes that protect your cells from inflammation.

Turmeric takes the “cake” for being one of the most anti-inflammatory spices in the human diet with research attributing it to decreased risk of cancer and reductions in pain associated with osteoarthritis and inflammation. The anti-cancer activity of turmeric (through it’s bioactive compound, curcumin) is enhanced by 1,000 when paired with black pepper (through piperine). All the more reason to whip up a batch of this delicious nutrition powerhouse!

Buffalo Chicken Chili by BeingBrigid Functional Nutrition Brigid Titgemeier

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