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Fiber Rich Paleo Bread for Avocado Toast Fans

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Avocado toast is still possible for the gluten-free, paleo world thanks to this grain-free bread recipe. In an attempt to create a bread-alternative for those who avoid indulging in your classic loaf of gluten, this Fiber-rich Paleo Bread was born . This recipe is adapted from Elana’s Pantry (one of my favorite paleo blogs). I made a few modifications and added a few additional ingredients to pack in extra nutritional value. Bite into this loaf of paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free and added sugar amazingness. And load up on your choice of toppings!

Breakfast On-the-Go

For those looking for a paleo alternative to bread, this really does the trick. This bread replacement is loaded with fiber AND completely guilt-free. It’s the perfect breakfast on-the-go. Due to the fiber, proteins and healthy fats this bread will keep you feeling full throughout the morning. I love to top mine with mashed avocados and pomegranate seeds or almond butter with sliced apples. If you are eating the bread as a snack, you can also try topping it with hummus and bean sprouts!

Psyllium: Gut & Heart Healthy Benefits

The extra nutritional value of this bread comes from one main ingredient called psyllium. You might have heard of it before because psyllium is the active ingredient in metamucil. This fiber rich ingredient is pure soluble fiber. Most noteworthy is psyllium’s gut health properties. As a result of being high in soluble fiber, psyllium helps to feed short chain fatty acid production in the gut. It can also help to add bulk to your stool and improve frequency of bowels.

The soluble fiber also soaks up bad cholesterol in the body for a healthy heart. As a result, psyllium has been tied to lower triglycerides and increased HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) in research. With this range of cardiovascular health benefits, U.S. federal regulations allow health claims to be made on foods, stating that 7 g or more per day of soluble fiber from Psyllium seed husk can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

I hope you love the incredible health benefits associated with psyllium and other nutritious ingredients! Whip up this recipe and enjoy the amazingness of this flourless creation.

Grain-free Fiber Rich Bread from BeingBrigid is a heart-healthy, gut-healthy bread alternative.