Homemade Almond Milk

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While you can buy a variety of milk alternatives at the grocery store–including almond milk, hemp milk, flax milk, coconut milk and more–you can also make your own at home. Compared to store bought brands, you will find homemade almond milk to be creamier and possibly even taste better.

Making your own milk alternatives also puts you in control of the ingredient list. You can omit the additives and preservatives such as oils, gums, sweeteners, and even carrageenan that are commonly found in commercial products. It also provides a variety of nutrients including plant protein, antioxidants, vitamins (riboflavin and vitamin E) and protein. Business Insider revealed that store bought almond milk actually only contains about a handful of almonds which means that unlike traditional milk or a larger serving of almonds, store bought almond milk is void of much protein.

As a bonus, making your own may help increase digestion and absorption. The recipe asks you to soak the nuts for 12 hours. Raw nuts contain moderate levels of phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. Phytic acid is considered an “anti-nutrient,” meaning it can inhibit the digestion and decrease nutrient absorption. Soaking the nuts helps to remove salt residue and neutralize their phytic acid content, making the nutrient easier to absorb.

The good news is that making nut milk is simple and inexpensive. You don’t have to be a culinary expert to make your own nut milk from scratch. The process truly is simple. AND as an added bonus, making your own milk is actually cost effective. All you need is your nut of choice, filtered water and a blender. You can even customize your milk by adding raw ingredients like Himalayan pink salt, vanilla bean pod, dates, raw cacao powder or cinnamon. To create a savory profile, add spices like cayenne or curry and use the nut milk as the base for sauces, soups or purees.

So why not make your own? You may enjoy the fresh and delicious flavors so much that you decide to skip another carton from the shelf.  Try out this recipe that was adapted with permission from Matthew Kenney Culinary Cuisine.

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Almond Milk

Recipe Created by Melissa Pilat, Registered Dietitian

Photo by Nikolai Chernichenko on Unsplash