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Low Glycemic Lupini Bean Salad

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If you’ve been following me for the last few years, you know that lupini beans are a staple snack in my household. They are a true nutrition powerhouse! If you eat one 5.3 oz bag, you’ll get 15g of dietary fiber and 0g of net carbohydrates plus 21g of protein. In addition to being a great source of blood sugar balancing fiber and protein, they are also loaded with gut-healthy prebiotics.

A lot of you tried lupini beans for the first time during the Blood Sugar Reset in the Low Glycemic Lupini Bean Salad. One serving of this Lupini Bean Salad as an afternoon snack led to an 18 point gradual blood sugar increase on a Continuous Glucose Monitor, which is a great blood sugar response that will help to support afternoon energy levels and decrease cravings later at night.

I hope you enjoy this snack staple as much as I do! And if you are looking for other blood sugar balancing recipes for more energy and fewer cravings, checkout my Blood Sugar Reset Bundle. It has more than 60 low glycemic recipes and 30 days of low glycemic meal plans that are tested on a Continuous Glucose Monitor. Gone are the days of needing to put a lot of thought into what you will make for dinner!