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PB&J Paleo Pancakes

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Holy Cow! These PB&J Pancakes are a heavenly combination of fluffy pancakes and creamy PB&J sandwiches. The best part is that they are a million times healthier than Aunt Jemima Pancakes and your classic PB&J! Start your morning off fueling your body with high quality calories by incorporating these delectable gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, added sugar-free pancakes into breakfast. The only thing they aren’t free of is nutritious ingredients!

Pass on the Enriched Bleached Flour

Aunt Jemima may have had the secret to fluffy pancakes but was clueless about nutrition. A traditional pancake mix from Aunt Jemima is loaded with Enriched Bleached Flour (aka the worst flour for your health). This is another way of saying refined wheat flour which is when whole wheat flour is stripped of it’s nutrient-dense layers, leaving only the starchy layer intact. Refined grains such as Aunt Jemima pancakes have more sugar, a high glycemic index and very little fiber compared to a pancake made out of almond flour.

Say Yes to Gluten-free

You don’t necessarily have to have celiac disease to benefit from a gluten-free diet. I do not have celiac disease but have personally benefited from a gluten-free lifestyle throughout the last 12 years. Removing gluten from my diet as a young teenager completely changed my life. My g-free lifestyle has helped control the mini seizures that I used to experience about 30 times per day in middle school and significantly reduced my fatigue.

A recent study found that individuals diagnosed with a wheat sensitivity, who tested negative for celiac disease experienced profound improvements in their health after removing gluten. Those that had a wheat sensitivity (without celiac disease) and still ate gluten had elevated markers of epithelial cell damage. This cell damage was correlated with an immune response to microbial products after eating gluten aka it ticked off the immune system.

Pour on the Berries for Brain Power

As indicated by the dark blue/purple pigment of berries, these fruits are rich in the antioxidant called anthocyanins. Recent research suggests that anthocyanins may help treat inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. And berries specifically have been shown to help preserve brain function and decrease cognitive decline. So berries are pretty much the perfect topping for your PB&J pancakes!

Dig into these creamy, berry pancakes for an amazing start to your weekend!

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