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Low Glycemic Pumpkin Pancakes

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Using food to create health does not mean abandoning your favorite family staples. But it may mean switching your ingredients to higher quality options that have a lower glycemic impact. For instance, swapping out those refined white flours for almond flour and coconut flour.

Growing up, my parents made homemade pancakes every weekend, with my Great-Grandma’s recipe that was framed in our kitchen. Our family’s farm in Ohio has been harvesting maple syrup from trees on the property for decades. So the pancakes we ate would include maple syrup from that operation. Weekend pancakes can create family memories that are so special!

This recipe provides an opportunity to continue creating those family memories, enjoying pumpkin/fall ingredients and benefiting from a better for you option. These low glycemic pancakes won’t raise your blood sugar levels as quickly, they are higher in protein which will make you feel more satisfied for several hours after consumption and they do not contain gluten, dairy or grains. You can still create sacred family memories and support your health, all at the same time!

As for toppings, if you are actively trying to decrease your blood sugar response, I would suggest adding 1-2 tsp almond butter (this picture has Nuttzo Butter) and a dash of pumpkin pie spice. If you are incorporating sugar into your diet, then try adding 1-2 tsp almond butter with the pumpkin pie spice and 1 tbsp pure maple syrup. One tablespoon of maple syrup contains 12g of added sugar. I generally recommend limiting added sugar to one tablespoon per day on a day to day basis.